Amin Khoury Biography

Amin Khoury is a corporate executive and financial professional who has held positions of increasing responsibility over the past two decades. He is currently the managing partner of KAD Companies, a closely held family wealth management office with three discrete vertical business units: a systematic hedge fund, multifamily apartment portfolio and private equity portfolio. He has close ties to B/E Aerospace Corporation as well.

After graduating from Brown University in the late 1980s, Khoury took a job as a production assistant for the Florida-based crew of Super Force, a first-run Viacom syndication that produced nearly 50 episodes in the early 1990s. After the show’s cancellation, he founded a diversified media company called Boston Film and Interactive Group. At BFIG, he served as director and writer for a variety of commercials, interactive presentations and industrial videos for a wide variety of prominent Boston-area businesses and institutions, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Lampoon and Harvard Business School.

After several years, Khoury left the Boston Film and Interactive Group and became president of Nitro Leisure Products, then the world’s largest recycler and reseller of brand-name golf balls. Khoury spearheaded an ambitious restructuring effort that strengthened the firm’s balance sheet, developed a proprietary refurbishment process that dramatically improved Nitro’s cost-effectiveness, and positioned his firm as a leader in the rapidly growing international leisure sports segment.

Khoury was also responsible for guiding Nitro through one of the most contentious bits of sports trademark litigation in recent memory: Nitro Leisure Products Inc. v. Acushnet Company, a landmark action concerning Nitro’s resale of trademarked golf balls, including Acushnet’s Titleist marque. The case was ultimately decided in favor of Nitro, setting a critical legal precedent that remains in force today.

Khoury now serves as managing partner of KAD Companies, a family wealth management group with an innovative approach to generational wealth management. After taking the reins, Khoury re-engineered the firm and established its three business verticals. He also developed and implemented a long-term capital appreciation and preservation strategy that leverages the proprietary technologies and methods of Trading Blox, a systematic hedge fund software provider in which KAD now owns a controlling stake. and developing a coherent, innovative long-term capital appreciation and preservation strategy.

Today, KAD Companies’ trading processes are closely aligned and integrated with Trading Blox’s technologies  — a competitive advantage that similarly sized competitors simply can’t match. for the closely held firm. According to Khoury, KAD currently boasts a 14 percent annualized / compounded three-year return, consistently beating the average performance of similarly weighted portfolios.

As the leader of KAD’s private equity group, Khoury holds board seats on several of the firms in which his firm is invested. He also directs the family office’s systematic investment operation. Khoury specializes in aligning with visionary CEOs whose firms and/or intellectual property have outstanding medium-term growth potential and are at least somewhat decoupled from one another. KAD’s current holdings include the world’s leading provider of HD video backhaul transmission as well as a number of disruptive software, health IT and telecom firms.

During his relatively limited free time, Khoury is active on the charity circuit in and around his Palm Beach, Florida, home. He continues to relive his days as Brown University’s tennis captain on the hard courts of South Florida as well.